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DISCLAIMER: This website provides information as a convenience for Saint Leonard Shores residents, and while all efforts have been taken to ensure the accuracy and inclusion of all relevant information, in case of any discrepancies or omissions between the website and the official repository maintained by the Board of Directors, the BoD Repository and/or documents on file with Calvert County shall be legally binding and supersede information contained on this website. Please report any issues to the current President of the Saint Leonard Shores Association.

What is the purpose of this website?

Welcome to the St Leonard Shores (SLS) Community Website, sponsored by the Board of Directors of the St. Leonard Shores Association (SLSA) as a resource for our community. This website has been created as a repository for SLSA information and to keep neighbors informed about upcoming events, board meetings and other useful information. We would also like to welcome submissions from the SLS community that are informative or useful to the community as a whole. Submissions should be sent to the SLSA Board for possible inclusion on the website. It is anticipated the website will be updated once a month. This could change based upon interest, and personnel willing to act as a Webmaster. If you have any comments on the website please feel free to submit them to the BOD.

How much are the annual association fees and when are they due?

The SLSA Board notifies individual lot owners of the current year's fees in January of each year. The fees are propsed by the board and voted on by the members at the January annual meeting. For 2015, the annual dues are $130 for each lot owner. Slip owners pay additional dues; for 2015, the slip fees are also $140 per slip.


How do you obtain a key to the boat launch ramp?

Send an email to:


When is the annual Association meeting?

The annual Association meeting is held in January of each year. The date for the January 2010 meeting will be announced in the near future.

Are the SLSA finances audited?

Per our bylaws, the finances of the association must be audited annually. The books have been audited through December 31, 2014.

Do the covenants ever get reviewed?

The covenants must be reviewed every 10 years, based on wording in the covenants. The last review was conducted in 2008 (see annual meeting minutes for 2008, page 2, where the membership voted on and accepted the review).